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Project Night with Andy and Kyler
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Subcultured Radio - THE RETURN
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Twisted Mind - SE06EP02 - Mayo Monkeys Gotta Go, DARPA Invented FOXDIE Virus For Real (Not funny), Andy Learns More about KingCobraJFS
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Twisted Mind Presents: Mershaholics Unanimous: The Mersh/ROTC Iceberg Explained pt. 1.5 ft. Jesse P.S.
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Twisted Mind - SE05EP50 - Rittenhouse Revenge?, Guys handling guns irresponsibly, COWBOY BEBOP SUCKS, Halo Infinte
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Twisted Mind Presents - MERSHAHOLICS UNANIMOUS: The Mersh/ROTC Iceberg Explained ft. Jesse PS, Porsalin, and C4
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