2020-10-06 - Top 10 Publishes by Odysee Reactions
2020-09-27 - Odysee Reactions
2020-09-20 - Analytics access without registration

2020-09-03 - Midnight cruncher optimizations

In a continuous effort (struggle 😀 ) to improve performance using divide and conquer strategy, the script was updated to make bulk insert of publishes’ view data in bunches. It was bulk inserting before, but now it does it in bunches so it does not stress out server resources. More fine tuning might be needed to hit the sweet spot.

It will also ignore publishes without views, which will cut data storage in half! Yes, half of the 90k publishes from 408 channels being monitored by LBRYlytics users (at the moment of writing this news article) have ZERO views…


For you, the end user, this means you will not see data in your publishes’ views charts unless it actually starts getting some views 🙂

2020-08-10 - Daily data processing improvements

Midnight crunching script did not finish properly for 3 runs (August 04., 05. and 06.), which was really bad news.

Script was then improved (on August 6.) to execute multiple instances of itself as a background process, each instance processing at most 100 channels with all belonging publishes.

After monitoring it now during each run for last 4 days, it finished nicely all 4 times.

You can see historical performance reports on the info page.

Running this on a shared hosting is becoming programming art 🙂

2020-07-28 - Multiple Wallets info in sidebar

You are now able to add multiple comma-separated wallet addresses to get more accurate reading of your holdings.

2020-07-22 - Homepage Pinned Charts
  • custom homepage
  • pin charts to homepage

2020-07-18 - Optimization: Views aggregation

First update to hopefully:

  • improve loading times
  • reduce database disk usage

Views are gathered every UTC midnight and stored in a database table, but for some weird reason *, I did not aggregate these from the begining to significantly reduce number of rows.

* bulk insert of 10k records is much faster than crunching, we want this script to run fast each midnight so we dont put a lot of stress on LBRY API, and process data later at slow pace 🙂

By significantly I mean reduce <N> days of history to only one row with all data gzdeflated, which will reduce select time and reduce storage space used. At the moment of writing this changelog, each 24 hours new 3MB of view data is stored. In less than a month the views table has grown to ~70MB. When crunching does its job and cleans up the raw view data table, that same data, but aggregated and gzipped, will occupy ~12MB, which is great improvement! It will grow much slower, for example instead of expected ~140MB it will be ~24MB etc.

This will also speed up displaying of your view stats, since we are not going to select N datapoints for N days from that huge table, but only one row for specific publish ID.

Crunching will sometimes happen when your publish view stats is displayed if there is uncrunched history, and in some other instances when page rendering does not require a lot of processing power and data queries.

Similar thing is coming for channel followers data, but it is not urgent since lbrylytics, at the moment of writing, processes 265 unique channels’ followers and 58102 publishes’ views. 21 days of history for each so far.

2020-06-28 - Welcome to the next level! Followers and Views analytics
  • daily channel followers charts
  • daily publish views charts
2020-06-26 - Channel level tips, improved accuracy and additional currency
  • channel level tips
  • improved accuracy for determining what is a tip and what is your own support
  • you can add your local currency and it will appear on all charts
2020-06-23 - Channel grouping and publishes earnings
  • channel grouping
  • top publishes by earnings
  • under the hood improvements

2020-06-13 - First demo video

2020-06-12 - Multiple currencies and wallet info
  • settings page
    • wallet address
    • accordion settings
  • added tip values for BTC and USD
  • prices refreshed each minute from CryptoCompare API
  • wallet address balance and value in BTC and USD

2020-06-08 - LBRYlytics is ready for public testing
2020-06-06 - Teaser 2: updates after 6 hours of dev
  • decision to go with Chart.js
  • preparing data obtained from ChainQuery and rendering first tips per day chart!

2020-06-05 - Teaser 1
  • WordPress plugin base developed
  • total tips obtained from LBRYio ChainQuery
  • shortcode to show a channel with total tips