2020-08-06 - Publishes’ views count issue

Midnight crunching script did not finish properly in last 3 runs (August 04., 05. and 06.).

First 2 days (August 04. and 05.) it missed processing around 10000 publishes’ views and on the 3rd run (August 06.) it missed 27000 publishes out of 81000.

As a result you might notice data gaps in your publishes’ views graphs if your publishes were coincidentally in the affected sets.

Script is now improved to execute multiple instances of itself as a background process, each instance processing at most 100 channels with all belonging publishes.

I will keep my eyes on this for next few runs to make sure it is stable.

I also did a manual run of the script 2AM UTC after the fix was deployed (usual run is at 00:00 UTC), so in essence if your publish(es) were affected, it will be for 2 days data points, not 3, with 3rd day 2 hours off, which is better than no data 🙂