LBRYlytics is a tool to visualize your stats pulled from LBRYio ChainQuery, LBRY API and CryptoCompare public APIs to get your data and is in no way affiliated with LBRY, Inc.

LBRYlytics is not responsible for inaccurate figures, since it is only a tool to crunch and display numbers from other sources that may have limitations.

LBRYlytics will never ask for your private keys, not even public keys. By not requiring your public keys, we can't know if the source of support transactions is you or someone else, which is one of the reasons for not being 100% accurate.

Welcome to LBRYlytics, the very first analytics tool for LBRY content creators!

With LBRYlytics you can analyze and track:

  • content earnings for multiple channels
  • earnings for publishes
  • channel level tips
  • see your top 10 earning publishes per channel, so you can focus on creating what viewers want most
  • daily channel followers change
  • daily publish views change
  • To Do list / click to expand

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